This Creative Commons Global Summit Program is subject to change.

Global Summit hashtag is: #ccsummit15

Deeper conversations about the Summit and sharing of useful information such as local events, things to do, places to meetup etc. are invited to take place in the CC Korea hosted Global Summit Slack Channel. Get a Slack invite at https://ccglobalsummit2015.herokuapp.com

Overall theme: "Hello, Sharing World!"

Day 1: Celebration of Sharing: 우공이산(愚公移山) 우공이산(愚公移山) or U-gong-i-san literally means "the foolish man who moved a mountain." Figuratively it means that you can accomplish an impossible goal or dream if you work hard, and this expression is to emphasize the great achievements of us all.

Day 2: Work of Sharing: 상선약수(上善若水)상선약수(上善若水) or Sang-seon-yak-su literally means "the supreme good is like water." It stresses the characteristics of the water - it can take various forms, gives life to things, keeps flowing and eventually reaches the sea. These are what the commons and our work of sharing are about.

Day 3: Future of Sharing: 수구초심(首邱初心) 수구초심(首邱初心) or Su-gu-cho-shim can be translated as “a fox turns its head towards the cave from whence it came when it dies.” It means “one can’t forget one’s roots.”